South Central Jurisdiction Experience

By Kennidi Bowsher

The Young Women’s Group at SCJ

When my grandmother, Lana asked me to go with her to Oklahoma for the South Central Jurisdiction, I didn’t know what to expect. For past year I have been helping her with the Texas Conference doing her job, so I go to work with her most of the time. This was the first time I was going with her to a United Methodist Women event that I wasn’t helping her work. I was offered a scholarship from the Texas Conference to attend, which made it more daunting to me.

Most of the UMW events I have attended, I am the youngest and even though I love all the ladies I would love to see younger women my age. A few days before the event I received an email that there is going to be a room for Young Women and a special table for us. I am outgoing for most part but meeting new people can be scary for me but the first night I went into the young women room and met some lovely ladies. I also found out I was not the youngest but the oldest. We laughed and talked about things and I heard stories from older women about their Missions around the world and it just amazed me. Stories that I will take with me forever and never forget. The event made me bond with some wonderful ladies and to see there are younger women then me so into UMW.

Also, while there I got to attend a tour of some places that UMW money goes to help facilities operate in OKC. Went to a boys home where they help aged out boys of foster care, went to mental disability house, WIC clinic and a dental practice that helps the poor get their teeth fixed. It was so amazing walking into these places to see the changes they were doing for the people of OKC who need it. It was so touching and moving for me to meet some of these people and see how happy they were to have these places to get help.

Over all my experience at SCJ was the best and I am really looking forward to attending again in four years and I look forward to more young people attending and enjoying the event as I did.

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